How to Add Clipart to Open Office

Clip art’s make it easy for people to add selective images to their documents without having to search for images on the internet. These images are usually in the animated form, but they have become very modern and realistic. The quality of clip art images used in Open Office have become above average in recent years. When you first install Open Office, there will be a limited amount of clip art images loaded into the database. A common task that arises for new and existing users of Open Office Writer and Impress (Presentation) is figuring out how to add Clipart to the Open Office Gallery.

Steps to Add Clipart to Open Office

Start by running any Open Office software that uses clip art. This could be Open Office

Open Office Gallery
Open Office Gallery

Writer or Open Office Impress (Presentation) which is used as a PowerPoint alternative. In the menu at the top, select Tools and open the Gallery that is responsible for the clipart gallery. Now choose the option that says New Theme, and this will open a new box.

In the new dialog box, you will see the options for the new theme. Remove everything that is shown in the listing and type in the name for the new clipart theme you will be adding. Select the files tab in the dialog box. Now choose Find Files and look for the clipart you wish to add to the library. When you have selected the clipart, click on OK. Next, add the folder to the File Type option and move onto the next step.

Choose the files that you want to add as clipart and choose Add. These files will now be added to the new theme folder that you created before. Close the Properties of New Theme box by clicking on OK. The new clipart will now be shown on the clip art gallery on the left side.

Adding New Clipart to the Open Office Gallery

Whether you are using Open Office Writer or Open Office Impress, adding a new clip art is done the same way. Once you save the new clip art to the library, it will be available every time you open up a new document. The next time you need to add another new clipart to the gallery, just follow the steps we went through.


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