How to Convert Open Office to Excel

Open Office Spreadsheet is the spreadsheet application bundled with the Open Office productivity suite of software applications. The program is capable of reading a large number of popular industry formats to include Microsoft Excel, Qautro Pro, HTML, and CSV delimited. The default mode of the application is to save new files in Open Office format, but is able to save content back into a number of these formats to include Excel. A common task that arises for users of Open Office Writer is to convert Open Office to Excel format.

What File Formats Does Open Office Spreadsheet Support?

Similar to other Open Office applications, Open Office Spreadsheet (or Calc) supports a

Open Office Applications
Open Office Applications

number of file formats. Just because OO can read a file format; however, does not mean that it can write to the same format. Some of the popular file formats for Open Office Spreadsheet that support both reading and writing to the same at the time of this writing include:

Data Interchange Format, dBASE, HTML Document (product Calc), Microsoft Excel 2003 XML, Microsoft Excel 5.0, Microsoft Excel 5.0 Template, Microsoft Excel 95, Microsoft Excel 95 Template, Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP, Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP Template, MiniCalc (Palm),

ODF Spreadsheet, ODF Spreadsheet Template, Pocket Excel, product format Spreadsheet, product format Spreadsheet Template, StarCalc 3.0, StarCalc 3.0 Template, StarCalc 4.0, StarCalc 4.0 Template, StarCalc 5.0, StarCalc 5.0 Template, SYLK, Text CSV, and Unified Office Format spreadsheet.

If you have content saved in a format that doesn’t support reading and writing via Open Office, then you shouldn’t check OO off of your list of tools to use. Many times, computer users will use OO to convert a spreadsheet format into one that can be saved into Excel. Another advantage of OO Spreadsheet is that it also supports saving content to PDF format using the “Save As” menu option from the application.

Steps To Convert Open Office to Excel

Step 1 – Open the Open Office Spreadsheet program. In legacy versions of OO, this application was known as “Calc.” To launch the application, you will need to open OO, then select the Spreadsheet program icon located on the main program menu.

Step 2– Click the “File” and “Open” menu options and load an existing Open Office spreadsheet file. These files will have the “*.ods” file extension and is the native Open

Open Office Spreadsheet Formats
Open Office Spreadsheet Formats

Office spreadsheet file format. The application will launch a “File Chooser” to help you find the desired file.

Step 3 – Make any desired modifications to the spreadsheet.

Step 4 – Select the “File” and “Save As” menu buttons.

Step 5– Rename the spreadsheet file if you want to create a unique file name. The same

name can be used for converting the Open Office file to Excel.

Step 6 – Click the down arrow located next to the ODS format option. Then, choose the desired Microsoft Excel format and click the “Save” menu choice.

Step 7 – Repeat steps 1 through 6 to convert additional Open Office files to Excel format.


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