How to Compress Photos in OpenOffice

Since Open Office first made its debut on the market, consumers have found a wide variety of uses for the popular suite of productivity software programs. One of these includes compressing photos for the end-user who has been trying to figure out how to compress photos in Open Office. This need often arises for those who are creating PDF documents in Open Office Writer and are finding that their ending file size is just too big while using images at their native resolution. The following are the steps to compress photos in Open Office to help avoid these and other issues that can arise when working with imagery that is large in size.


Steps to Compress Photos in Open Office

Step 1: Launch Open Office Writer, Calc, Impress, or Draw by double clicking the program icon located on your computer’s desktop. If using a Windows computer, the program icon can also be selected from the computer’s Start menu.
Step 2: Load the desired file that contains the photo that you need to compress in Open Office by using the application’s file chooser.
Step 3: Select the “File” and “Export as PDF” menu options to surface the “PDF Options” dialog box on the screen.
Step 4 : Choose the “General” menu tab and then pick a compression method located under the “Images” label. If you choose “Lossless compression,” all of the pixels of the compressed image will be preserved. You can alternatively select “JPEG compression” that will balance image quality with file size by toggling the quality percentage, and the final option is the “Reduce Image Resolution” menu option that will lower the pixels displayed per inch to the desired setting.
Step 5 Choose the “Export” menu option to continue with the export to PDF and compression of the images in Open Office on your computer. The resulting file size will be smaller, and you can repeat the process to get more refined results as desired.

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