How to Convert Microsoft Word to LibreOffice

LibreOffice Writer is the increasingly popular word processing application that is included with the LibreOffice productivity suite of software applications. A common task that arises for uses of the program is figuring out how to convert Microsoft Word files to LibreOffice format. The program is capable of reading a large number of popular industry formats to include Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, HTML, and text. The default mode of the application is to save new files in LibreOffice format, but is able to save content back into a number of these formats to include Word. The following are the steps that you can take to convert Word files to ODT format.


Steps to Convert Microsoft Word Files to LibreOffice (ODT) Format

Step 1 : Launch or open the LibreOffice Writer program. To do so, you will need to double click the Writer program icon located on your computer’s desktop first. If you are using a Windows computer and not a Linux one, you can also choose the application icon from the computer’s “Start” menu.
Step 2 : Select the “File” menu option and then click the “Open” menu choice.
Step 3 : Use the subsequently displayed file chooser to select the Word document that you are going to convert from Microsoft Word format to LibreOffice format. Highlight the document and then select the “Open” menu option. You will now see the file displayed in LibreOffice Writer. Alternatively, on computers that are running Ubuntu that have LibreOffice installed natively, you can double click a Microsoft Word file to automatically launch the Writer application with the file loaded in the program.
Step 4 : Choose the “File” and “Save As” menu options to select the LibreOffice (ODT) format for the file. There are a number of additional formats that you can choose from to save out the file if you have a need for a format other than LibreOffice.
Step 5 : Before saving the file and completing the conversion process, you can rename it if desired. Once you are ready, click or select the “Save” menu button, and the file will now be saved as an ODT file.
Step 6 : If you would like to convert additional Microsoft Word files to LibreOffice format, then repeat the previous steps to complete the conversions. Once you are done, exit the LibreOffice application.

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