How to Convert ODG to PNG

Since Apache decided to continue developing the Open Office product suite of applications in 2017, the productivity suite of applications has continue to be popular across users of all operating systems. For many users, a common task that arises is determining how to convert ODG to PNG format in the Open Office Draw application. Draw is used to create images in Open Office and uses a native file format that is saved with a .ODG file extension when creating or editing imagery in the software application. This file type is not compatible with most other image manipulation programs that are found across the popular operating systems (OS’s) in use across industry. Open Office Draw can be used to convert ODG to a standard image type like PNG or JPG. We have included the steps to convert the file type for you to use below if you need to get your content into an alternative file type for use.


Steps to Convert ODG to PNG Format

Step 1: Launch the Open Office Draw application by double clicking the program icon on your computer’s desktop or by choosing from the Start menu if you are using a computer with the Windows Operating System installed.
Step 2: Open the image that you want to convert to PNG format in draw by using the “File” and “Open” menu options in Draw. Then, use the file chooser to select the desired image from a folder on your computer’s hard drive, removable media, or other accessible location.
Step 3: Select the “File” and “Export” menu options from the main file menu. Choose “PNG” for the format on the dropdown menu for the dialog box.
Step 4 Enter the desired file name and location for the new file to complete converting the ODG file to PNG format.

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