How to Convert OpenOffice Documents to Microsoft Word

Apache OpenOffice is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Office on the market today. One of the common tasks that arise for users of the software is how to convert OpenOffice documents to Microsoft Word format. Although individuals may find Open Office easier to work with, they commonly find it necessary to exchange work in native Microsoft formats such as MS Word. The following are steps that you can follow to convert your OpenOffice document to Microsoft Word.


Steps to convert Open Office Documents to Microsoft Word Format

Step 1 : Launch Open Office Writer by double clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop or by choosing the program icon from the “Start” menu.
Step 2: Open the target OpenOffice Writer document that you intend to save out to Microsoft Word format. The file can be located on a local or shared drive.
Step 3: Select the “File” menu after the document loads into Writer. Then, choose the “Save As” menu choice.
Step 4: Pick a location to save the file and then enter a new file name for the document if you do not want it to have the same filename as the .ODT file uses.
Step 5: Select the “Save as Type” drop-down menu option. Choose the Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). The “Auto Extension” menu option should remain checked.
Step 6: Choose the “Save” menu option and then click the “Keep Current Format” menu button when the warning is displayed on the screen. The Open Office document will now be saved in Microsoft Word format. It is recommended that if you prefer to work in Open Office to keep your main work saved in the .ODT format and to export to Microsoft Word as you need to do so to share information with others.

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