How to Import a Spreadsheet into an Open Office Database

In today’s world, it seems like just about everything is stored and exported via a spreadsheet of some type. In order to use this information in creative ways, a common task that arises is how to import a spreadsheet into an Open Office Database. Since Open office comes with a spreadsheet program with Calc and a database program, Base, one does not need to spend a significant amount of money (can you say free) to be able to do this task. Whether it is business or other data that needs to be analyzed or further used or manipulated via a database, raw data can be further manipulated using queries and viewed in different ways with reports once it has been imported into an Open Office database. The steps to do so are included below.


Steps to Import a Spreadsheet into an Open Office Database

Step 1 : Open Base by double clicking the program icon located on your computer’s desktop or if on a Windows computer selecting from the “Start” menu.
Step 2 : Click the “Connect to an existing database” menu choice and then pick the list box followed by the “Spreadsheet” menu option.
Step 3 : Choose the “Next” menu button followed by the “Browse” button.
Step 4: Find the spreadsheet file that you want to insert into the database by using the file chooser. Click the file once found.
Step 5: Choose the “Next” and then the “Finish” menu buttons.
Step 6: Click the “File” and “Save As” menu options.
Step 7: Enter a new file name in the appropriate text field and then click the “Save” menu button.
Step 8 : View the data by double-clicking the “Sheet1” program icon located under the “Tables” view port to display the information contained in the spreadsheet.
1 – When automatically importing spreadsheets into OpenOffice Base, all formatting, charts, macros, and styling will be lost. These view modifications can be completed using the available text-formatting tools available in the Reports section of Base. Similarly, charts and graphics can be manually copy and pasted into the report once generated if required.
2 – To minimize the number of errors and rework, the spreadsheet should be saved in a CSV (comma separated value) file. Base will treat each row in the CSV file as a database record or row easing the required steps one has to take to complete the import.

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