How to Make a Brochure With Open Office

When you are running a business or anything similar to its functions, you may want to create brochures to outline your products and services. Many businesses have brochures to give product information to their customers. Creating these brochures is quite easy and can be done using Open Office, as well as other word processing software’s. Brochures are amazing promotional items that you can use to replace flyers. They are easy to slip under doors, in mailboxes and newspapers. If your local newspaper takes in orders to place brochures in their paper, you can use brochures as they are small and compact, and hold a lot of information. The following outlines how you can make a brochure with Open Office Writer.

Steps to Make a Brochure on Open Office

Brochures are usually folded into three parts, with six content sides. Some brochures could be two-folds or four-folds, based on the length of the paper. To begin, you will need to start Open Office Writer, as it will be used to make the brochure.

Once you have the blank document, you can start by adding the content of one side of your brochure. A brochure has two sides; the front and back. So, begin by typing out everything that goes on the front side. Do not add any pictures yet.

Next, select the Format tab at the top and choose Page. The default page orientation will be set to portrait, so change it to landscape. Go into the margin settings and set all four sides to 0.75 inches. In the menu options, choose Format and select Columns. You will see a number of different column options, so choose whichever one you want. Most people the three column display, as it allows for a more brochure look.

Adding Pictures to the Brochure

If you wanted to add in pictures to the front side of your brochure, now is the time to do so. You can add, edit or remove text as well as change its color. When you are done with the front side, you can save it and move onto the back side. For the back side of the brochure, you should open a new page and simply re-do what you did for the front page.

When you are ready to print out your brochure, you should print the first page and then print the second page on the back. Using this sample copy, you can make photocopies to create your brochures. In order to get a perfect crease on the fold, you should use the sharp edge of a ruler or any other flat object.

Using Tables for the Brochure

Additionally, if you are experienced in using Open Office, you can create brochures using tables. Begin by setting the page orientation to landscape and margins to 0.75 inches. Next, add a table that extends from one side of the page to the next, with three columns. The border color should be set to white, so that it does not print on the final copy.

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