How to Make a Database in Open Office

Using a database to store, sort, and do other useful information is almost a must in today’s day and age. A common question that arises with end users is how to make a database in Open Office. For those who are not familiar, Open Office comes with the Base application that is a full-featured desktop database management system. It can be used for anything from tracking a personal collection of “things” to managing corporate sales reports and everything in between. The Base application provides a wizard to help those who are new to creating databases make Tables, Forms, queries, and Reports. The application also includes a number of predefined table definitions for Invoices, sales, orders, customers and assets. There are also native support drivers for those looking to use multi-user database engines like MySQL, MS Access, Adabas D, and PostgreSQL along with support for ODBC and JDBC to let you connect to most modern databases. The following are the basic steps to setting up a database in Open Office.


Steps to Make a Database in Open Office

Step 1: Open the Base application by double clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop or by selecting from the menu icon located via the computer’s “Start” menu.
Step 2: Choose the “File” and “New Database” menu options followed by clicking the “Finish” button. You will need to enter a name for the database.
Step 3: Select the “Table” menu tab and then choose the “Wizard” menu option.
Step 4: Enter the desired information for the fields of the table.
Step 5: Change the names of any of the field desired followed by clicking the “next” menu button. On the following step make sure that “Automatically add a primary key” menu option is selected and click the “Next” button.
Step 6: Enter some example titles for the test database. You should make sure to enter at least two so that you can sort and search the information. When complete, select the “Save” icon or the “File” and “Save” menu buttons.
Step 7: Close the table and go back to the main program and select the “Forms” button. Then, choose the “Create form with wizard” menu option.
Step 8 : The forms wizard will ask you to select the field for your form. When complete click the “next” menu button and continue on the configuration screens until you get to the display screen configuration for the form. Change the look and feel as desired and then click the “next” or “done” button.
Step 9: Scroll through and look at the database by using the arrows at the bottom of the application to look through the data you have entered so far and go back in and enter additional information as you deem fit to further learn the options in Base.

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