How to Make Logos with Open Office

One of the most popular, free suite of productivity software applications available on the market today is Apache OpenOffice. A common question that arises with users of the popular suite of applications is how to make logos with Open Office Draw. Similar to what you would find with paid software like Microsoft Word, Open Office comes with a number of programs like a spreadsheet program, document editing and production application (Writer), and the Draw vector graphics program. Although Draw does not include all of the functionality found in the Adobe suite of applications, it can create logos, and other business-worth graphics easily that are suitable for many uses. The following are the steps that you can use to make logos with OpenOffice.


Steps to Make Logos with Apache OpenOffice

Step 1: Create a sketch or basic storyboard for your desired logo on a piece of paper or other working application before starting to create the logo in Apache OpenOffice Draw. The sketch does not have to be perfect, just enough detail to keep the viewer to be able to recognize your design. Similarly, you will want to limit your overall us of colors in this phase of the design.
Step 2 : Double click the Open Office Draw program icon to launch the Draw program on your computer. If you are on a Windows computer, select the “Start” program menu and launch the icon from the Open Office program menu.
Step 3 : Choose the “Filled Polygon” or “Filled Curve” tool from the toolbar located in draw.
Step 4 : Then, click on the application canvas to add points to outline the shapes of your logo. You can double-click the canvas to close the shape when you have a suitable outline.
Step 5 Choose one of the shapes that you have outlined on the drawing.
Step 6 Then, select the “Area Style Filling” drop down menu and select the desired color for that portion of your logo.
Step 7 Continue this process until you have completed all of the desired designs for you logo. Select the “File” and “Save” menu buttons when you are complete with the design.

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