How to Print an Envelope in Open Office

A common task that arises for end users is figuring out how to print an envelope in Open Office. Although this seems like it should be an easy enough task, it generally presents some level of difficulty or issues for most Open Office Writer users. For those who have a need to print envelopes but do not have Microsoft Word installed, Open Office also presents a lower cost option available for those with a professional, academic, or personal need to print envelopes. The following are the steps on how to print an envelope in the OO Writer application.

OpenOffice Envelope

Steps to Print an Envelope in Open Office Writer

Step 1 : Launch the Writer application by double clicking the program icon located on the computer’s desktop or via the “Start” menu on a Windows computer.
Step 2 : Open a new text document by selecting the “File” and “New” menu options.
Step 3 Select the “Insert” and “Envelope” menu options.
Step 4 Enter your desired address information under the “envelope” menu tab.
Step 5 : Under the “Format” menu tab, select the “Size” and “Format” menu options to “DL” and then adjust the layout to suit the envelope size.
Step 6 : Under the “Printer” menu tab choose the layout option that best shows how to feed the envelope in the printer.
Step 7 : Under the same menu tab, choose the “Setup” menu button. This will then launch a new dialog that you should pick your printer type and then choose the ”Properties” menu option.
Step 8 : Choose the appropriate envelope size in the subsequently displayed dialog box. Then, choose the orientation based on how the envelope feeds ni step 6. If it is landscape, then the text will be rotated 90 degrees so that it is parallel to the envelope and s forth.
Step 9 : Select “manual feed tray” located under the “device” tab if you have one and then click “ok” twice.
Step 10: Choose “new Document’ if you did not do so earlier to create a new file for the envelope. Alternatively, you can add it to existing documents, then click the “Ok” menu button followed by the “Print” icon when you are ready.

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