How to Make Business Cards in Open Office

As Microsoft Office is expensive productivity application software, many people have chosen to go with Open Office. The later program is much better alternative if you are looking to save some money in buying software’s. With the tough job market, many people are switching to running their own businesses. As businesses startup, there is need for business cards, stationery and office equipment. As a new startup, the business may not have the funds to cover all their expenses. Due to this reason, some companies have chosen to create their business cards. If you have Open Office, a common task that arises for small business owners and professionals is figuring out how to make business cards.

If you will be printing your own business cards, it would be wise to have the right tools. You will need a business card printer that prints out cards based on specific inputs you send through USB ports. If you are going to be printing them through a regular printer, it would be wise to print several cards on a single sheet. You can get business card sheets from stationary selling stores such as Office Depot or Staples.

Open Office offers a wide array of processing software that can be used for test, image and spreadsheet needs.

Steps to Make Business Cards in Open Office

The actual information that goes on your business card should be entered in an Open Office Word Processor (Open Office Writer). At the top, click File, go to New and select the option

Open Office Labels
Open Office Business Card menu option.

that indicates Labels.

On the Labels section, you will need to choose the type of card you want. You will need to select Brand and the format of the card you would like. In the options menu, you should choose the option that says Synchronize. Following this, choose to open a New Document.

You will now be shown the overall format for the business card you are going to prepare. Using the given template, you just need to replace the contents with your business name, address, phone number, website, email and logo. Alternatively, you could add or remove images from the business card in Open Office, which is a convenient feature.

Now that you have edited one single card at the top left of the page, simply click on Synchronize. This will automatically fill in the same information for all the other cards on the page. In the event that you need to change something on the first card, you can do so. To apply the changes to all the other business cards, you need to click on Synchronize again.

Tip: You should first print out a sample of the business card page on a regular paper just to see how it will be. On your first try, just print one out on the business card sheet. If you are satisfied, you can move onto printing out the rest.


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