How to Use Open Office to Make Invitations

Being able to design and print your own invitation cards from your home would be a great way to save some money on printing. If you were going to be hosting a party and needed some invitations, you could easily create the cards on Open Office. Similar to how you can create invitation cards on Microsoft Office, the same could be done with Open Office and Corel Word Perfect. You can either create invitations that you need to fill out with names or you can print them individually with different names. The following instructions should help you in formatting, designing and printing your invitations.

Steps to Use Open Office to Make Invitations

Begin by running Open Office Writer, the word processing software. On the top menu, select Format and choose Page. This is where you will get to change the margins of the page. Since you will be printing an invitation, the margins need to be set accordingly. As you are printing an invite, the background image should be extended to the edges of the page, without you having to cut excess paper in the end.

Set the margins to zero inches on all four sides, so that you can print a letter size invitation card. When you save your setting with this margin setting, you will be shown an error message telling you that the margins are out of the print region. This is exactly what you want, so click Yes and save the settings.

Now you will get to choose whether you want to display a color as the background or whether you want to add a picture as a background. Go the Format button and select Page.  On the Page settings box, choose Background. You will be shown a full color palette with an option that says Graphic. This would allow you to add a graphical image to the background. To add an image as the background, browse your system for the image and select Open. This will show the image you selected in the dialog box.

You will have three options to setting the image in the background. You can choose any of the three following options; Position, Tile and Area. The Position option lets you set the image anywhere on the page. If you choose Tile, the image will be repeated to cover the full page. The Area option lets you extend the picture to all four sides of the page.

Now that the background is in place, it will not move around. Simply select your cursor and position it on the page and start typing. You can use the formatting options to format the fonts and colors without altering the background. Once you’re done making the invitation card on Open Office, save the file and print a copy to see how it looks.


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